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Harnessing a customer first approach in a changing world

In today’s hypercompetitive and customer-centric world, it is those that know the most about their customers and harness this knowledge that achieve the greatest success.  

Julio J. Hernandez -KPMG in the US


The challenge is that new experiences and new competitors are continuously resetting customer expectations. At the same time, new technologies – artifcial intelligence, machine learning, bots, predictive analytics and a host of others – are radically changing the way brands engage and interact with their customers. The customer relationship has never been in such fux.


But how do customers feel about the experience they are getting from their brands? And what steps are companies taking to ensure they are able to continue to manage and meet customer expectations while also delivering value for shareholders?


In this report, we share the results of our frst multicountry survey of customer experience. Based on the responses of almost 55,000 consumers across 14 countries, we have identifed which brands are delivering the best experiences from the consumer’s perspective. We also go beyond the data to explore how the leading brands are creating exceptional customer experiences. And we share insights on how top brands are addressing the need to not just connect things today, but to connect to the ideas and technologies of the future.




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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 24-01-2018

Number of pages: 98

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