Handbook Net Promotor Score (NPS)

What is Net Promotor Score (NPS)

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It's a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely your customers are to recommend you to a friend. NPS is a typical benchmark companies measure to evaluate and improve customer loyalty.



in this eBook

  • Overview of NPS
    • What is a Net Promotor Score?
    • NPS is one of th ebest way to listen to your customer
    • How does a company calculate its NPS?
    • NPS works best in certain contexts
  • Implementing NPS
    • How to implement your NPS survey in the right way?
    • Use key driver analysis to determine the 'why'
    • How to get the most out of your NPS survey
    • I have my NPS -now what?
  • Case studies and benchmarks



Language: English
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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 10-04-2018

Number of pages: 17

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