Handbook customer lifecycle: customer retention and development

Managing the customer lifecycle: customer retention and development

This eBook looks at the critical issues of process and structure for customer relationship management (CRM) implementation. The core CRM processes are customer acquisition, customer retention and customer development. Together, they make up the customer lifecycle. The processes of customer retention and development are the focus of this eBook


By the end of the eBook, you will understand:

  • 1 what is meant by the term ‘customer retention’
  • 2 the economics of customer retention
  • 3 how to select customers to target for retention
  • 4 the distinction between positive and negative customer retention
  • 5 several strategies for customer retention, including meeting and exceeding customer expectations, finding new ways to add value, creating social and structural bonds, and building emotional commitment
  • 6 the role of customer development
  • 7 why and how customers are ‘sacked’


Topics in this eBook

What is customer retention?

Economics of customer retention

Which customers to retain?

Strategies for customer retention

Context makes a difference

Key performance indicators of customer retention programmes

The role of research

Strategies for customer development



includes case: Boots the chemist, Korea Telecom, Tesco and Vodafone



Language: English
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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: eBooks

Publication date: 10-10-2002

Number of pages: 34

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