Building customer relationships

Building customer relationships in CRM

It has been called the decade of the customer, the customer millennium, and virtually every name that can incorporate “customer” within. There’s nothing new about businesses focusing on customers or wanting to be customer-centered. However, in today’s marketplace just saying an enterprise is “customer-centric” is not enough. It is a promise that organizations must keep. The problem is that most organizations still fall short of this goal.


This eBook will address customer management and the variety of techniques used in customer relationship building, nurturing, loyalty, retention, and reactivation.

These include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Customer Performance Management (CPM),
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM), and customer win-back.


The objective of these techniques is to help organizations coax the greatest value from their customers. While the strategies are different, all of these methods use the tools and techniques of direct marketing in their execution.



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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: eBooks

Publication date: 10-10-2017

Number of pages: 30

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