How customers really feel about loyalty programs

How customers really feel about loyalty programs

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Loyalty programs are ubiquitous, but consumer appetite for the promise of savings and recognition is not dwindling. Consumers are asking for more and expect programs to deliver beyond the points. In return, loyalty program members display greater potential than the average consumer for a more substantial relationship. B2C marketing professionals should consider the current consumer attitudes outlined in this report when creating or updating their loyalty programs.



Key Takeaways

Savings Fuel Loyalty Program Enrollment

Forrester’s data shows that instant discounts and savings fuel program enrollment and participation. Members report that programs influence where they shop, how much they spend, and what they buy.

Member Behavior Goes Beyond Taking Advantage Of Discounts

Compared with the average US online consumer, loyalty program members are more likely to evangelize and recommend products and services and pay a higher price when the conditions are right. Programs that balance discounts with nontransactional interactions will boost customer engagement.

Members Rate Customer Experiences Higher

Loyalty program members are more likely to rate their customer experiences higher than nonmembers across several industries, including travel and retail. In the age of the customer, loyalty programs help create a better customer experience.


Published by Forrester

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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 08-05-2017

Number of pages: 12

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