Viral Marketing and content forwarding on social media

Viral Marketing and content forwarding on social media - Outlining the key elements behind successful viral content creation

This Bachelor’s thesis examines the topic of viral marketing by focusing on viral content
creation. The main point of the thesis is to find out how to create content that go viral and
to outline what key elements affect the forwarding of viral content on social media.


This study concludes that the following key elements should be implemented when creating
viral content on social media;
The three key elements of viral content creation;
1. To integrate incentives and triggers into the content that motivate consumers to forward content
2. To include an emotional component that generate response and action from consumers
3. To identify the key online communities and their influencers on social media, thus enhancing the content’s shareability.


Thesis questions:

Q1 What affects consumers to forward content on social media?
Q2 What key elements can be used to create viral content?
Q3 Which are the most effective ways to channel viral content on social media?


Theory in this report:

  • The Viral Loop marketing theory
  • Wilson’s six principles of viral marketing
  • Berger’s STEPPS model on viral content creation
  • Greenberg’s take on viral content creation


Topics in this report:

The origins of viral marketing

Harnessing the power of marketing

Viral content characteristics

Channelling viral content on social media


Published by: Fanny Hirvijärvi







Published by: Fanny Hirvijärvi


Language: English
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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 10-10-2017

Number of pages: 56

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