The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Ad Fraud

The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Ad Fraud

Advertising fraud is an existential risk to the ad tech industry. Programmatic advertising’s open ecosystem allows advertisers and publishers of any size to participate, but it also lets bad actors participate, polluting the quality of the sector as a whole. 


In this extensive guide, you will learn what ad fraud is, the various forms it takes, why it exists, who is responsible for it, and how to protect yourself as a marketer from it. As always, we will lean on visuals wherever possible to help us wrap our heads around abstract concepts.


By the end, you will know more about ad fraud than 99 percent of people in ad tech.


section of this guide:

Part 1: What Is Digital Ad Fraud?
Part 2: Why Digital Ad Fraud Exists
Part 3: Who Is Responsible For Digital Ad Fraud?
Part 4: How To Protect Yourself Against Digital Ad Fraud
Part 5: Final Thoughts


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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: White Paper

Publication date: 10-10-2017

Number of pages: 20

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