Crowdfunding Monitoring Switzerland 2018

Crowdfunding Monitoring Switzerland 2018

Crowdfunding is a means of raising capital via online platforms for a wide variety of projects. These can include loans for companies, participating in a business start-up, co-acquiring a property or financing social projects. Crowdfunding projects thus cover a vast range of areas. That said, they all have one thing in common: typically, a large number of people provide an amount that is often small, enabling the project to be realised. Direct, internet-based communication between those providing funds and those seeking funds is a key element of all types of crowdfunding.


This Crowdfunding Monitoring report is published annually by the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ, a department of the Lucerne School of Business. The purpose of this publication is to illustrate crowdfunding trends in Switzerland, profile the existing platforms and analyse the drivers of future trends. It also aims to further improve transparency in this market.



1 Objective and structure of the report

2 Scope and definition

2.1 Definition of crowdfunding: consideration as a decision criterion

2.2 Project initiators’ motives for launching campaigns

2.3 Funders’ motives for supporting campaigns

2.4 Distinction: initial coin offerings as crowdfunding?

3 Crowdfunding in Switzerland

3.1 Market growth in Switzerland

3.2 Reward-based crowdfunding / crowddonating

3.3 Crowdinvesting


3.5 Invoice trading

3.6 Other business models in the realm of alternative finance

4 Crowdfunding: an international comparison

4.1 Volumes and structure of selected crowdfunding markets

4.2 Business models

4.3 Conclusion

5 Forecasts: crowdfunding in 2018

Appendix: Market participants

Appendix: Statistics 


Published by: Prof Dr Andreas Dietrich -Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ


Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 10-06-2018

Number of pages: 55

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