Country Crowdfunding Factsheet

Country Crowdfunding Factsheet

The United Kingdom dominates the crowdfunding landscape in Europe in terms of market volume per capita. The country’s overall market share in Europe reached 81% with €4.412M in 2015.


Market size:

1.09M people invested, donated or lent via online alternative finance platforms in the UK.

254.721 individuals, projects, not-for-profits and businesses raised finance via online alternative finance models.


Trend Donation-based crowdfunding grew by 507% from £2M in 2014 to £12M in 2015. Equity-based crowdfunding is the second fastest growing sector - up by 295% from £84M raised in 2014 to £332M (including real estate crowdfunding) in 2015.


published by European Crowdfunding Network

Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 10-06-2018

Number of pages: 12

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