Case study: Giffgaff using community to build a company

Case study: Giffgaff using community to build a company

about Giffgaff network operator


Giffgaff is a ‘sim card-only’ mobile virtual network operator based in the UK. They do things differently to the big mobile networks. They’re run by their members. Members get rewarded for running parts of the business like answering questions in the community, getting new members, or helping to promote the company. This means giffgaff keeps its costs low and passes the savings back to members. giffgaff has won several major awards including the Forrester Research International Groundswell award.


Does a business, like a mobile service provider, have to run with the traditional overhead and expense, or is there a new social way to run a business? The UK-based mobile virtual network operator, giffgaff, has a slogan of ‘The mobile network run by you’. What’s the big deal? Many companies have slogans which tout similar values. 


"We really have no call centre, and all customer service is done by the online community. I don’t know of another company like us."



  • Members have asked over 130,000 questions in the ‘Help’ forums ƒ
  • The community has responded with over 1 million replies ƒ 100% of the questions were answered by the community ƒ
  • Average response time for questions is within just three minutes (24/7) ƒ
  • An amazing 95% of queries were answered within 60 minutes ƒ
  • Over 40% of the customer base got involved in the first six months and received Payback cash in return ƒ
  • The top earning giffgaffer earned over £13,000, and is using that to pay his way through University preprocess



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Publication date: 10-10-2015

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