e-Commerce in China - The future is already here

total retail survey 2017 china (by PWC)

China, the largest ecommerce market in the world, is now setting the benchmark for present and future global retailing. This is driven by its mobile-first consumer behaviour, innovative social commerce model, according to PWC's Economic Quarterly.

Nine retail trends in China

PWC identified nine key trends that are shaping the Chinese retail.

New Retail Normal:

The increasing maturity of business in using data analytics and omnichannel technologies to create a seamless consumer journey between online and offline channels.

1) 020 matures into omni-channel

digitisation of retail moves from marketing and channels into fulfilment and supply chain

2) Return on analytics

Third party platforms finally open up

Content driven eCommerce

How brands and retailers are shifting from ecommerce as a transactional environment to incorporating social engagement and storttelling at the core of their customers'digital experience strategy.

3) eCommerce entertainment

from ecommerce to entertainment

4) Blurred lines

innovation at the intersectie of social, mobile and ecommerce

5) Moments that matter

unlocking the social opportunity

6) Key opinion leaders as retailers

For brands to stand out they have to go social

New growth avenues

How ecommerce, social media and emerging technologies are driving growth opportunities across food, luxury and sport retail categories

7) Food

Crossborder ecommerce, particularly for food, is experiencing high growth in China

8) Luxury

From gift-living to a more sustainable level driven by personal consumption

9) Sport and wellness

Sportbrands are increasingly going beyond the products to position themselves as enablers of wellness through community engagement



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