Staying one step ahead of the fraud footprint

Staying one step ahead of the fraud footprint

Today, up to 43% of monthly ecommerce transactions involve fraud attempts, costing more than USD10 billion. And by 2020, the value of fraudulent online transactions is expected to balloon to an astronomical USD25.6 billion.

But what makes the ecommerce sector such an attractive target for cybercriminals? Why is fraud prevention such a steep hill for online retailers to climb? And how can machine learning techniques be leveraged—not just to crush fraud—but to improve conversions and reduce false positives as well?

The answers to these questions, and more, are yours to digest for free in this new white paper from Acapture and Sift Science.

Target group: Manager
Language: English
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Authors: Marina Galceran

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Document type: White Paper

Publication date: 23-06-2018

Number of pages: 21


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