Webinar: "E-Commerce: The Why & How of Starting Now"

Webinar: "E-Commerce: The Why & How of Starting Now"

'''Webinar B2B Online Selling ''' Happier clients. More efficient business processes. Improved sales. You know that an online sales channel can deliver these benefits for your business. But how do you get started? Bram Streefkerk, product marketing director at Sana Commerce, will be answering this question in our complimentary webinar “Ecommerce: The Why & How of Starting Now.” '''Get Ready for Ecommerce''' After implementing over 1,000 web stores, we have learned what it takes to make your e-commerce endeavor a success. In this webinar we will discuss what you need to know before starting your e-commerce project, including: '''Ecommerce trends''' The benefits of ecommerce The difference between ecommerce solutions And, of course, how to get started.
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Authors: Jeroen Kuppens

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Publication date: 06-07-2016


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