Customers Come First - a white paper on Chinese cross-border shopper

Customers Come First - a white paper on Chinese cross-border shopper

Competition for Chinese customers is escalating as the great market opportunities attract more retailers in the online arena. As the cross-border shopper volume growth started to slow down at 27.6% into 2018, businesses face challenges from both domestics and overseas competing for limited online customers traffic. For new entrants, they will need a lot more skills to impress customers and growth their businesses. Nevertheless, there are still a plenty of opportunities for retailers that have a clear position and flexibility to adapt to local market demands. The ‘Customers Come First 2018’ report from AzoyaLab covers essential data about the Chinese cross-border shoppers, where they from, when they shop, how they make cross-border purchase. Content * ◆ Chinese consumers are becoming more affluent than ever before * ◆ Consumption upgrade fuels cross-border e-commerce growth * ◆ Cross-border online shopping popularity continues to rise * ◆ Share of C2C transactions is shrinking, and B2C is becoming mainstream * ◆ Affluent regions lead cross-border shopping * ◆ Lower tier cities and regions grow faster * ◆ Female shoppers are your best customers * ◆ Young and working adults are the main consumers of cross-border merchandise * ◆ Why do Chinese customers shop from overseas online stores? * ◆ Top categories purchased cross-border by Chinese customers, by countries, Q2&3 of 2017 * ◆ Most shoppers prefer to buy over 75 USD worth of products for each purchase * ◆ Most purchases take place during spare times on workdays * ◆ Cross-border shoppers prefer to shop on mobile devices, and most of them are Apple users * ◆ Alipay dominates international payment gateways * ◆ Chinese cross-border shoppers’ demands are divided * ◆ Retailers need to create a balance between premium and mass-market offers * ◆ Which channels matter most? 18 Logistics is still a pain point for most retailer Trends * ◆ 10 Top challenges for overseas retailers selling cross-border
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Authors: Elena Gatti

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Document type: Analist Report

Publication date: 07-11-2017

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