Omnichannel in Fashion Industry

Omnichannel in Fashion Industry

The analysis of Omnichannel benchmarks for fashion has covered such issues as: * Online visibility of in-store inventory * Online order of in-store inventory with in-store pick-up by the consumer. * Same-day shipping * Same-day delivery * In-store reservation of inventory for in-store consumer purchase * Responsive Web Design * Mobile Application * Customer loyalty - online, offline & linked * Online complaints regardless of the place of purchase * Offline complaints regardless of the place of purchase * In-store return of an online purchase * Return of an in-store purchase through post * Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn) * Encouragement for phone contact on website * Encouragement for “click&collect” pickup * Store localization using GPS or other solutions * Divine has taken into account the leading fashion brands in the following regions (10 from each region): * United Kingdom * Germany * Scandinavia * Netherlands
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Authors: Carmen Machiels

Document type: Topic report

Publication date: 01-12-2016

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