How to turn social platforms into revenue machines

How to turn social platforms into revenue machines

As Facebook and Pinterest introduced the click-to-buy button, other social media giants were quick to follow. Purchasing a new pair of sneakers or computer accessories could be as easy as liking a friend’s status on Facebook. In the past, businesses needed to be present on social media, generating only a few clicks on their website and only very few sales. However, the buy button on social media is a new frontier in ecommerce which is gaining a lot of traction and might perhaps even outperform some traditional sales channels. Astute retailers that are preparing for the shift, are ever so interested to list on various social platforms and to do so, quickly. This session will dwell on the different methods in which retailers are able to use these channels to drive the social user directly to a conversion and the pros and cons of doing so.
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Publication date: 21-01-2016


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