Gateway to India

Gateway to India

Your gateway to India! Newgen offers End-to-End Merchant Solutions for ECommerce, Online Payments, Digital Marketing, Sales Optimization & Advanced Analytics. Newgen’s solutions boost sales, cut costs, increase conversion rates, mitigate fraud and open new markets for Merchants & Partners. We serve merchants and retailers internationally with a variety of ECommerce and Payments services. Our multi-channel ECommerce platform is built to help merchants maximize sales. We have done extensive usability testing with target audiences to make optimal page designs which also maximize SEO. Our team are experts in ECommerce website development. Our cloud-based International Payment Gateway is built on a modern architecture compatible with all devices (computers, mobiles, and tablets) and designed around our Five Pillars (Speed, Security, Reliability, Scalability, and Usability).
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Publication date: 21-01-2016


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