WP6 Cross-Channel Retail and eCommerce Success

WP6 Cross-Channel Retail and eCommerce Success

This original FitForCommerce whitepaper examines where ecommerce organizations are today and how they are evolving, their roles in the emergence of crosschannel capabilities, how far crosschannel organizations have come in the retail industry and what is driving that – from both leadership and business standpoints. The paper is focused on the evolution of ecommerce and crosschannel retail – and how this evolution in retail requires a new organizational dynamic to support the success of the business. We’ll talk about how organizations are – or are not – adapting to crosschannel, and ways in which they should evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities of this sea change in retail as crosschannel emerges as the dominant form of retail.
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Document type: Topic report

Publication date: 01-01-2013

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