A Guide to Mastering Ecommerce Optimization

A Guide to Mastering Ecommerce Optimization

'''This guide examines the entire customer journey to show how each step along the way can be optimized for better results. Episerver’s built-in features make the process even easier.''' Many companies don’t give proper attention to the entire path to purchase because it seems too complex and time consuming. The truth is that this kind of optimization does take some work – but with the right processes and tools it can quickly lead to incredible results. This digital commerce guide looks at the four main stages of the customer lifecycle: attract, engage, convert and care. You need to catch your customer’s interest in seconds, and maintain it during their entire path to purchase – and beyond. The Episerver commerce platform was developed to help you succeed at each stage of the customer journey. For example, the platform can automatically create relevant landing pages, deliver personalized content and offers, and perform multivariate tests. '''Using this guide, you will learn how to:''' * Provide smart navigation tools * Personalize on-site content * Improve the impact of promotions * Drive optimization through data * Remove barriers to purchase in your checkout
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Authors: Jeroen Staehle

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Document type: EBook

Publication date: 09-11-2016

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