2014-2015 China's Cross-border Ecommerce Development Report

2014-2015 China's Cross-border Ecommerce Development Report

Cross-border Ecommerce, as the driving force for the unification of economics, globalization, and global trade, holds significance strategically. Cross-border Ecommerce not only breaks the obstacles for communication between countries, but also leads a revolution for global economics. For enterprises, the openness, variety, and three-dimensional nature of Cross-border Ecommerce opens up many new doors for entering the global market and helps businesses by gaining access to a plethora of resources. For consumers, Cross-border Ecommerce is a great way to gain good quality with competitive price goods from other countries. The “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” proposed by Chairman Xi Jinpin in September and October 2013, respectively, merged into the “Silk Road Economic Belt”. This economic belt is proof that Cross-border Ecommerce is an unignorably force in modern economics. In the wake of this revolution, China’s Cross-border Ecommerce industry is facing its biggest challenge yet. The China Cross-border E- Commerce Application Alliances(CCEAA)is a collection of China Cloud Association, China Management Science and Engineering Academic Society, China Mobile Business Application Alliances, Cross-border Ecommerce Research Center of China Ecommerce Association and many other Ecommerce Industrial Parks and Ecommerce enterprises in China. Under guidance of the Ecommerce and information department of Ministry of Commerce of the P. R. China, its main goal is to upgrade the innovativeness of the Cross-border Ecommerce industry, to aid traditional industries in transitioning to the new medium, and to increase the overall competitiveness of the Cross-border electronic commerce industry. CCEAA has already started cooperating with the Ecommerce Europe, CBEC and some other national Ecommerce associations to promote the unity and cooperation between Ecommerce businesses around the world. To better advance the strategy of “Silk Road Economic Belt” and to advance the development of the Cross-border Ecommerce industry, the CCEAA will start publishing annual publications of the “China Cross-border Ecommerce Industry Development Report” in order to provide a platform for communication and research for engaged in Cross-border Ecommerce organizations throughout the world. During the editorial process of this report, we have received helpful guidance from the local and central governments of China, and have received the friendly help from Ecommerce Europe, CBEC, Payvision Corporation and many other overseas institutions, providing resources and help. Shanghai Putuo District Middle-ring Business Area especially has lend us a huge helping hand, along with the General Editorial Department and China (Shanghai) Global Ecommerce & Internet Conference’ s cooperation. We would like to show our gratitude to these aforementioned institutions for their help. Due to the current rate of development of the Ecommerce industry, this report (including the example cases) is limited to the current information. Also, due to the limitation of literary skill of our writers, there might be mistakes and/or discrepancies in the content, and we would like to apologize in advance while requesting that readers point out said mistakes and critique the report justly. We will try our best to apply new knowledge and improve our work in the future editions of the report. Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong Chairman of China Cross-border Ecommerce Application Appliances 8th November, 2015
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