Ecommerce Payment Methods Report 2016

Ecommerce Payment Methods Report 2016

The exponential growth of cross-border ecommerce has precipitated the rise of (alternative) payment methods. There is an endless number of payment methods to match all payment contexts (pay in advance, pay afterwards and payment and delivery are at the same time). Choosing the right payment method per payment context, vertical, and country is a key enabler to online sales conversion. Furthermore, we acknowledge a need for a common framework of payment terminology. How could we distinguish among the 300 plus payment methods being offered by PSPs? How do payment instruments relate to online payment methods? What payment methods categories can be discerned? What are the technicalities, and how are merchant and consumers protected against fraud? This Report, published by The Paypers, the leading one stop shop for insights into payments and commerce, aims to create a standardized terminology and framework of discourse, as well as to provide you with the invaluable insights into the state of affairs of the payment world today and tomorrow.
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Authors: Adriana Screpnic

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 01-07-2016

Number of pages: 117


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