Ecommerce in Foodservice Distribution

Ecommerce in Foodservice Distribution

The impact of ecommerce in retail over the last decade is clear to see, with many companies thriving from the new and complementary sales and engagement channels offered by the internet. Analysts predict a repeat of this growth within the B2B sector, with its impact already being felt. The next few years will be critical for the wholesale and distribution sector, with those embracing ecommerce flourishing and others falling behind, repeating the experiences of the retail market. Although traditions and strong supplier/customer relationships, built on service and locality have led to a degree of inertia for ecommerce adoption within the food service sector, the overall market is changing and ecommerce should be considered a key strategy in the survival and growth of food service businesses. In this article we explore the food service environment, the challenges and opportunities ecommerce is driving, how early adopters are benefiting and why ecommerce should be high on the agenda
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Authors: Dave Shield

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Document type: Analist Report

Publication date: 02-05-2017

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