The Netherlands B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2017 (free)

The Netherlands B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2017 (free)

***UPDATE: The Netherlands: 2018 Ecommerce Report is out!***

The Netherlands B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2017 (free) provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in The Netherlands. This report includes ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into the Dutch ecommerce market. It seems that Dutch love buying online even more than in the past. In 2016, the Dutch spent 20,16 billion euro online, an increase of 23%. Especially shoes & life style products, IT and (near)food are bought increasingly more online. The biggest drivers for this online growth were the increased consumer confidence and willingness to buy, as well as the acceptance of online shopping.

Topics and Scope

The report is split into 4 main chapters

  • Introduction to The Netherlands
  • Ecommerce Facts & Figures
  • Ecommerce Environment
  • Ecommerce Recommendations

Did you know?

  • The Dutch GDP grew by 1.6 in 2016
  • Unemployment rate was 6.9% in 2016
  • The inflation rate was 0.3% in 2016
  • The Netherlands ranks 4th in Logistics Performance Index
  • Ranks 28th in Ease of Doing Business Index
  • Ranks 7th in E-Government Development Index
  • The Dutch retail landscape is changing rapidly
  • Decreasing amount of audio/video stores
  • 95% of the Dutch people (15+) shopped online in 2016
  • Total online shopping increased by 22.5% in 2016

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Authors: Jorij Abraham

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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 21-03-2017

Number of pages: 57


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