Democratization of Marketplaces

Democratization of Marketplaces

Retail is changing…fast. As unified commerce is becoming the norm, processes become increasingly complex. Retail is democratizing as consumers have full access to the prices, stock levels and offers of retailers, and can control where and when they buy. One of the most popular new channels are marketplaces. They have proven honeypots for the allpowerful consumer with low prices and excellent service. Marketplaces have grown at rates never seen before and appear to beat retailers on any turf, be it supply chain, assortment, conversion, customer service or delivery. This position paper discusses how retailers can collaborate with marketplaces while at the same time strengthening their own position and competing with them. We’ve laid out the critical building blocks to help transform your organization in our new world of democratized retail.
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Publication date: 02-02-2016


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