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15-03-2018 - Zara AR app lets customers see virtual models

Fashion retailer Zara has announced plans to roll out an augmented reality experience across 120 stores worldwide. The app can also be used by online shoppers, who will be able to hover their smartphone over a package delivered from the Zara website. Continue reading

15-03-2018 - Swiss Post buys bicycle courier service Notime

Swiss Post has acquired the Swiss startup Notime, which provides bicycle courier services. The acquisition should help Swiss Post with gaining more ground in the fast-growing market of same-day deliveries and fast, flexible deliveries in urban areas. Continue reading

14-03-2018 - New EU rules for cross-border parcel delivery

Members of the European Parliament have adopted a proposal to make the cross-border parcel delivery market in Europe more transparent and competitive. The European Union will implement new rules, which should lead to lower delivery costs for online consumers. Continue reading

14-03-2018 - Online stock issues force 51% of Brits to shop elsewhere

Issues with stock levels are a major factor that affects the consumer’s decision to shop online. In the United Kingdom, more than half of consumers immediately turn to a competitor if the item they want is out of stock. Continue reading

14-03-2018 - 41% of German shoppers prefer to pay on account

When it comes to paying, German consumers are rather conservative when they are shopping online. Four in ten Germans prefer to pay on account. The second most popular payment method is PayPal, favored by almost one in three online shoppers in Germany. Continue reading

12-03-2018 - Nordic ecommerce was worth €20.6 billion in 2017

The ecommerce industry in the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) was worth 209,6 billion Swedish kronor, which corresponds to over 20.6 billion euros, last year. Almost forty percent of the total Nordic ecommerce revenue was generated in Sweden. Continue reading

12-03-2018 - 31% UK shoppers pay more if mcommerce experience improves

Online retailers could sell more to consumers who shop from their smartphones, if they would offer a better shopping experience via the mobile app. Especially in the United Kingdom, the mobile shopping apps could really use an upgrade. Continue reading

09-03-2018 - Ecommerce in the Netherlands: €22.5 billion in 2017

The ecommerce in the Netherlands was worth 22.5 billion euros in 2017. This is an increasement of 13 percent when compared to the situation one year before. The Dutch made a total of 201 million online purchases last year, which is 17 percent more than in 2016. Continue reading

08-03-2018 - Coolblue’s sales increase by 38% to 1.2 billion euros

Coolblue, a major omnichannel retailer from the Netherlands, saw its total revenues grow to 1.2 billion euros last year. That’s an increase of 38 percent compared to the year before. The company’s net profit increased slightly, from 8.9 million euros to 9.1 million euros. Continue reading

07-03-2018 - Amazon will launch grocery service in France

Amazon has confirmed it has plans to launch a online grocery service in France. Since the launch of Amazon Fresh in the US in 2016, the American company is focusing more and more on selling food online. Continue reading