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'''Overview''' '''IMRG Data Breakfast''' It’s no secret that most visits to retail sites don’t result in an actual sale – a frustratingly high number don’t even make it to a product page. So what are the factors that retailers can optimise, at each stage of the customer funnel, to help improve the percentage of visitors who make it all the way through to full conversion? Join IMRG at our Customer Funnel Data Breakfast to find out the latest data and insight from the relevant metrics in our Quarterly Benchmark, tracking the performance on retail sites from site entry right through to payment completion, to help you understand how you are faring in this important area and giving you the chance to debate issues with your peers – as well as enjoying a post-January size portion of food, of course. '''What will I learn?''' Join us at this IMRG Data Breakfast where you will be well fed, well informed and well set up for the day: * The percentage of visits that reach the various stages of the purchase journey * The common elements that strong performing sites use * Practices that may restrict the chances of conversion [[File:Imrg-data-breakfast-thmbn-image.jpg|framed|center]] '''Who Should Attend?''' '''Who is this event for?''' Registration for this event is free for IMRG retail members – space is limited to 15 attendees. We may also invite one or two solution provider members who have specific knowledge and insight in this area. '''When and where is it?''' '''Date:''' 8th February 2018 '''Time:''' 8:30am - 10:30am '''Location:''' The Delaunay, London For more information, contact Paul Evans


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