Big Data Expo 2018

Big Data Expo is a platform where people and knowledge come together, connected by the theme big data.


But what does that mean, big data? When data is collected in databases, we can analyze these and gain insights from them in order to grow, as an employee, but also as a company. Because of this data, we 'know' what works and what our focus should be on when it comes to business management. But the amount of data is growing enormously fast,  as a result, a great deal of knowledge and expertise is required to properly understand this large amount of available data. In short, big data requires specialists.


The two-day Big Data Expo therefore aims to bring these specialists from different big data disciplines and different levels together with you.



Language: Dutch, English

Expertise: Ecommerce Strategy, Online Research, Performance Marketing, Web Analytics and Big Data

Industries: Advertising & Market Research, B2B Retail Services (software, translation...)

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