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The Amazon marketplace is filled with millions of articles and products. It takes a lot of tricks and tricks to reach the top of the rankings. This shows the dealer all interested parties in his workshop "Amazon SEO", which takes place on January 19, 2018 in Leipzig. Together with the Amazon Marketplace specialist Andreas Roth from SellerSupport, participants will learn how to successfully sell on Amazon for a long time. Among other things, the topics product titles, descriptions, keywords and of course the correct categorization are addressed. In addition, Andreas Roth talks about the dealer-base factors such as shipping method, dealer ratings, etc. and the role of appropriate imaging. All these topics and more will be available on January 19th in our Amazon SEO Workshop. '''program''' Among other things, we will discuss these topics to optimize your ranking: * product Title * brand * Attributes (bullet points, also called bullet points) * description * Pictures and * reviews * Dealer base factors such as shipping method, dealer ratings, etc. * Searches * The correct categorization


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