Get wiser on the new personal data

Personal data will be prominent in the companies in the future, for the threat of increased enforcement, large fines and, if any, Compensation demands that companies have to take the rules on processing personal data seriously. These are the few companies that live (completely) up to the current Personal Data Act. Therefore, there is much to be achieved before the regulation enters into force: You must check what personal data are, what personal data you process, where they come from, and whether data is shared with others. You must have your data processing agreements in place and a new personal data policy and you must have described your internal instructions for processing personal data, deletion procedures, security procedures, security vulnerabilities, etc. You should also make clear how to handle inquiries from the registered if they want insight into their personal data, have information deleted, or have information transferred to others, etc. Our lawyer, chief consultant, Tina Morell, will in this letter review the personal data regulation's requirements for inter alia: webshops. Vertica's sandwich is served from kl. 11.30. The program starts at. 12.00. '''Cancellations''' Since the letter is free for members, a no show fee of 300, - is charged on the notice within 3 working days of the letter. [ Read more about our Terms and Conditions here -->]


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