Module: The rise of network society

“We are experiencing a radical transformation. The information revolution is changing our mental framework. It is affecting our self-conception and our mutual interactions. It alters our conception of reality and our interactions with reality. We need an update to our conceptual framework. It is the only way for us to grasp our present time.” — Luciano Floridi


Previous chapters have dealt with how new generations of online consumers have become powerful. For the first time in history, retailers need to bow to the demands of the customers instead of the other way around. Onlife consumers are able to reap the benefits of the smart, sharing, circular and glocal economy. However, this new economic order does present us with many important social issues. How might we curb the power of large technological companies and shopping ecosystems to leave room for other participants of the retail value chain?


In this chapter, we will describe the downsides, the dark side, of the current system of capitalism. It is a system that lacks the ability to equally and fairly distribute the cumulatively acquired wealth amongst the people who help make it happen, nor does it let those who are left out have any real share in that wealth. Luckily, there are counterforces at play, too; governments, retailers and consumers are all involved in top-down and bottom-up initiatives geared at making the world a better place.


Topics in this module:

  • Power shift
    • Google paradox
    • Empire
    • Takeovers
    • Takeovers and investments lead to global dominance
  • Political reaction
    • Hanging on to the old
    • Ka-ching!
    • To regulate or not to regulate?
    • World Trade Platform
  • Network society
    • A different scenario
    • Internet is not the answer
  • Regaining control

Target group: Manager

Module level: Manager

Version | 09 - 08 - 2018

Part of course: Ecommerce Strategy (ECON2)

Topics in this module: Artificial Intelligence and Retail, Content Marketing, Ecommerce Strategy, Mobile Commerce, Omnichannel Organization, Online Marketing, Online Marketing Plan, Personalization, The New Store, User Experience