Module: Loyalty & CRM

Learning objective: The student can describe the importance of customer loyalty within the customer journey using CRM. The student is able to advise how customer loyalty can be build and maintained.​



Topics in this module

  • Loyalty mechanism:
    • How do you create loyalty?
    • How do people return?
    • How do you prevent Churn?
  • Does this work in practice?
  • How do you chart the customer needs?
  • What tools can you deploy?
  • CRM:
    • How do you record your customer wishes/needs?
    • How can you act proactively?
    • Allowing the system to detect matters.
    • How can the system be given a predictive character?


Theory in this module

  • Customer Retention & Churn
  • RFM model
  • Customer Life Time model


Target group: Professional

Module level: Professional

Version | 04 - 09 - 2018

Part of course: Basics of Ecommerce (ECON1)

Topics in this module: Loyalty Management and CRM