Module: Customer Service & Monitoring

Learning objective: The student can explain the importance of customer service and the role which social media play in the customer service process.​



Topics in this module

  • What is customer service?
    • More than dealing with complaints
  • A good organization does not have a call centre
  • Creating distinctive
  • Several channels (social media, mail, chat, what’s app, FaceTime, skype).
  • Customer service processes and organization
  • Setting objectives: KPI’s, performance chart.
  • Social media & customer service?
    • Why are social media and reputation management important?
  • Recording information, monitoring, personas
  • Web monitoring: monitoring messages on social media, charting sentiment, continual market research, inspection of opinions of customers, responding immediately
  • Customer dialogues; webcare, type of conversations with customers




Theory in this module

not mandatory: Conversational Prism

Target group: Professional

Module level: Professional

Version | 04 - 09 - 2018

Part of course: Basics of Ecommerce (ECON1)

Topics in this module: Customer Service