Module: Introduction (ECON1)

Course description 

E-commerce is being increasingly deployed as a means for selling a product or service. But what exactly is e-commerce? What digital means do companies have available? 


Students will view sites from a different perspective: not as a consumer but as a company. How do you make sure that customers notice your site, look round your site longer and make a purchase? How can orders be delivered and how do you ensure that the customer returns? 
The customer journey is the main focus within this unit of study. From these approaches, connections are also made with units of study which the student will follow during the same semester or in the future. 



This module is an introduction to the course, omnichannel trend and the customer journey.
Following modules uses the customer journey and the omnichannel model.


Topics in this module:

  • The ecommerce market importancy
  • Omichannel concept
  • Customer Journey model


Theory in this module:

  • Definition of ecommerce
  • Definition of customer journey
  • C2C, B2C and other types of ecommerce

Target group: Professional

Module level: Professional

Version | 27 - 08 - 2018

Part of course: Basics of Ecommerce (ECON1)

Topics in this module: Omnichannel Architecture, Omnichannel Organization, User Experience