Ecommerce Courses

Learn the aspects of ecommerce and digital trade.
In cooperation with a number of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Ecommerce Foundation created actual course materials on ecommerce and related subjects. These courses are shown below, with the relevant topics behind them. You can view a specific course by clicking it.

Essentials of Ecommerce

Ecommerce Essentials teaches you how to conduct business online. You will learn about the similarities and differences between traditional and electronic commerce, and you will explore e-commerce technologies at various levels of sophistication.
Target group: Starter

Number of modules: 11

Recent update: | 31-07-2018

Basics of Ecommerce (ECON1)

E-commerce is being increasingly deployed as a means for selling a product or service. But what exactly is e-commerce? What digital means do companies have available? Students will view sites from a different perspective: not as a consumer but as a company. How do you make sure that customers notice your site, look round your site longer and make a purchase? How can orders be delivered and how do you ensure that the customer returns? The customer journey is the main focus within this unit of study. From these approaches, connections are also made with units of study which the student will follow during the same semester or in the future. An example of this is Purchase and Supply Chain Management. This unit of study is offered in year 2, but during the subject E-commerce, the supply chain will already be dealt with. After all, the articles ordered do not end up at someone’s home just like that. Each module, one or two subjects per step in the customer journey will be discussed. The lessons will be supported by practical examples and exercises involving the whole class.
Target group: Professional

Number of modules: 11

Recent update: | 24-09-2018

Ecommerce Strategy (ECON2)

Digitization of society has consequences for retail. Stores cannot keep up with the changing behavior of customers who are connected 24/7. who have no distinction between on- and off-line. Retailers searching for new business models within a changing environment with new marketplaces and sharing platforms. This course is important for everybody who play in the enfluental and ever-evolving global retail industry. Retail is facing a new economic paradigm is beginning to dawn: Onlife Retail, where online and offline become one. Onlife retail is based on four new and mutually reinforced developments, each with its own dynamic: -The Smart Economy, -The Sharing Economy, -The Circular Economy, and the Glocal Economy. It is the synergy of these different 'movements', that will cause huge social and economic changes. In this course you learn how retail is being turned upside down. Modules in this course are: -outline the onlification of society; -light on the four new economies, opportunities and characteristics, next the new customer journey is discussed, -the outline of the network society is discussed. It's up to retailers and service providers to reinvent themselves, using new business models and organization structures. This course is based on the reserach of Wijnand Jongen -The End of Online Shopping.
Target group: Manager

Number of modules: 15

Recent update: | 03-09-2018

Digital Marketing (DIM)

Companies spend more and more of their marketing budget on digital media than any other media (even TV). Within digital media an increasing number of marketing instruments is available such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, viral marketing and social media. DIM will teach you not only how you can apply these different media but also how you can think on a higher level about (online) marketing strategy and planning.
Target group: Manager

Number of modules: 16

Recent update: | 28-08-2018