Ecommerce Facts & Figures of Italy

Introduction to Italy

Italy is a republic in South Europe. It has a population of 59.2 million people and its capital is Rome. The official language is Italian and widely spoken foreign languages are German, French and Slovene. Italy has a GDP of €1,618 billion, which represents a GDP per capita of €26,6 in 2018.


  • 59.2 million people
  • GDP of €1,618 billion
  • 10.9% unemployed


Ecommerce in Italy

In 2017, the Italian B2C ecommerce turnover grew by 14% to €21.7 billion. Italy had an online population of 49.9 million people who were aged 15 and older. Of the total online population, 17.7 million bought something online in 2015. The average spending per eShopper was €938 in this year.


B2C Ecommerce Turnover €23,1 billion
B2C Ecommerce growth 9%
Online population 42,2 million
Number of eShoppers 14,1 million
VAT rate 22%
Most popular payment method Charge Card


Tips for ecommerce in Italy

Before trading in Italy, we recommend visiting the Q&A Online Taxes and VAT in Italy page.


The Italian Ecommerce Association, Netcomm Italy

Netcomm is the Italian Ecommerce Consortium, a reference point for ecommerce both at the national and international level. Established in 2005, Netcomm includes among its members over 200 companies representing both international corporations and small- and medium-sized enterprises which are flagships of Italian excellence. The Consortium is one of the countries founders of Ecommerce Europe, the European Association of Ecommerce. Netcomm aims to foster the knowledge and spreading of ecommerce, thus generating value across the entire value chain. Through a series of activities and initiatives, Netcomm supports all the main stakeholders in the ecommerce industry for the harmonious development of the industry.

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