Ecommerce Facts & Figures of Belgium

Introduction to Belgium

Belgium is a federal parliamentary democracy in Europe. It has a population of 11.4 million people and its capital is Brussels. The official language is Dutch and French and widely spoken foreign language' is German. Belgium has a GDP of €431 million, which represents a GDP per capita of €37,8 in 2018.


  • 11.4 million people
  • GDP of €431 million
  • 7.6% unemployed


Ecommerce in Belgium

In 2018, the Belgian B2C ecommerce turnover grew by 12% to €11.8 billion. Belgium had an online population of 10 million people who were aged 15 and older. Of the total online population, 8.9 million bought something online in 2015. The average spending per eShopper was €1,080 in this year.

B2C Ecommerce Turnover €8.2 billion
B2C Ecommerce growth 34.2%
Online population 10.2 million
Number of eShoppers 6.3 million
VAT rate 21%
Most popular payment method Credit Card


Tips for ecommerce in Belgium

Arriving on time for business appointments or meetings is important, so give advance notice if you are running late or unable to make it.


Most companies operate from the top-down, with decisions being made by senior members of the company who first consider the ideas of those below them.


People from Wallonia tend to place more emphasis on the hierarchy than in Flanders.


Be punctual. If you are running late, call immediately with an explanation. Lateness sends a message of unreliability. 


Belgium has three official languages (Dutch, French, and German). If you want to open up a business here, make sure to use these languages so that you broaden your market as much as possible.


Do not remove your jacket in a formal business situation until you see others doing so.


Facebook is the most popularly used social media platform, which offers the opportunity for enterprises to advertise.

The leading Belgian payment method is credit card (51%); therefore offering hassle-free credit card payment methods are necessary.

Laptops and desktops are the main devices used in online purchasing, making it necessary to have a user-friendly webshop with all relevant information.

60% of the 15+ population used a smartphone in 2016, and it is increasing, making mobile shopping an important and up-and-coming possibility.

Belgians prefer a webshop with multiple languages, including Dutch, French, German, and English.


The Belgian Ecommerce Association, BeCommerce

BeCommerce is an association that promotes the interests of ecommerce merchants. Next to supporting their members by lobbying, they also provide a quality certification.

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