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Ecommerce opens up the opportunity for trade across the world, no matter how big or small the country may be. This is driven by an increasing percentage of the population being connected to the internet through various means, whether that be a fixed connection or through mobile solutions. As of 2017 internet penetration rates were at 56% and is projected to be almost 60% in 2018. This is paired with a healthy growth rate of 7.35% in 2017. When looking to the breakdown of devices the desktop is still on top with a 50% share, but mobile is close behind with 46%.





Below you will find a summary taken from our 2018 Global Ecommerce Report. 


Global Ecommerce and Infrastructure Data


Internet penetration has been on the rise over the last few years pushing past 50% in 2015 and continuing to an impressive 56% in 2017. Looking deeper into the more infrastructural aspects of the ecommerce landscape, the UK, Germany, Sweden and South Korea perform the best globally. The UK is top when it comes to the E-Government Development Index whilst Germany is number one in logistics. Sweden pushed past the competition in the Internet Inclusivity Index and South Korea comes out on top in terms of Ease of Doing Business (from the selection of countries in the 2018 Global Report).






Ecommerce has pushed forward in recent years, surging in new markets as well as innovating in more mature ecommerce markets. The B2C ecommerce turnover grew to approximately $1.83 trillion USD globally, pushed along by a growth rate of 14.6%. This impressive figure is set to increase this year with a projected turnover of $2.1 trillion USD.


The major players continue to be China ($600 billion USD), the United States ($522 billion USD), and the United Kingdom ($208 billion USD), with a combined B2C turnover of $1.33 trillion USD, encompassing 62.4% of the total global ecommerce market.


Social Media Usage


Social media usage is continuing it trend to push forward in 2018 across all regions. When looking to the global number of individuals using the social media, the number reached 2.46 billion in 2017, from 1.59 billion in 2013.


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