Ecommerce Facts & Figures of Ukraine

Introduction to Ukraine

Ukraine is a republic in East Europe. It has a population of 44.4 million people and its capital is Kiev. The official language is Ukrainian and widely spoken foreign languages are Russian, Belarusian, Moldovan, Crimean Tatar, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish and Jewish. Ukraine has a GDP of €80 billion, which represents a GDP per capita of €1,791 in 2017.


  • 44.4 million people
  • GDP of €80 billion
  • 9% unemployed
  • Inflation of 13.9%

Ecommerce in Ukraine

In 2017, the Ukrainian B2C ecommerce turnover grew by 31% to €1.5 billion. Ukraine had an online population of 21.9 million of people who were aged 15 and older. Of the total online population, 3.7 million bought something online in 2015. The average spending per eShopper was €286 in this year.


B2C Ecommerce Turnover €1.5 billion
B2C Ecommerce growth 31%
Online population 21.9 million
Number of eShoppers 3.7 million
VAT rate 20%
Most popular payment method Credit Cards


Tips for ecommerce in Ukraine

Keep close attention to hierarchy and status. When doing business, you have to remember about people's positions and ranks.


A little knowledge and understanding of Ukraine's history may contribute to successful intercultural management.


Be aware of medium tolerance for change and risk.


Remember about deference to authority, sense of loyalty and a detached attitude for meeting the organization's objectives and goals, especially when you cooperate with the older Ukrainian generation.


It is a good idea to hire your own interpreters for meetings and negotiations to avoid any possible cross-cultural miscommunication.


Building relationships is very important. Ukrainians prefer to deal with those they trust and know.


Business cards are quite relevant. If possible, ensure that the information is also provided in the Ukrainian language.


Bring along all relevant documents when you go to a business meeting.


The dress code for business meetings is conservative. Men should not take their jacket off unless asked to do so.


Ukrainians are used to have business meetings over a meal. Do not be surprised if they invite you to a business meeting with a meal at their home.


The Ukrainian Ecommerce Association, Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association

UADM is a public organization that protects and supports interests of its members, making all possible for development the industry of innovations and direct marketing, call centers and distance trade (e-commerce and mail order).

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