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Wim Griffioen

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Wim Griffioen
Organization: Squadra MDM
Company size: 11 - 50
Company industry: Business Partner (Service provider to Retail/Brand)
Role in company: Ecommerce/Digital
Seniority level: C-Level (CEO, COO, CMO)
Job title: Partner
Country: Netherlands


"no content, no sales"

Mini bio

Product Information management, data quality , multi domain data management, content innovations, standards, datapools, m2m solutions, deep learning, auto classification, golden record, no sql, data lake, social mdm, user generated content, block chain, machine learning, 3d visualisation, augmented reality in shopping, voice interfacing, robotics


Wim Griffioen is chairman of the expert group  Product Information Management

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Productinformatiemanagement – Productdatakwaliteit in Nederland 111