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In recent years a new channel has entered the omnichannel stage. It is called “conversational commerce”. Now is time the conversational commerce comes of age and companies adopt it for their customer engagement strategy. The new paradigm is to own your customer experience. Combining a 360-messaging with a 360 view of your most important data about your customers, products, services, locations and more takes customer experience and agility to the next level.
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This conference entails key industry stakeholders to address the current challenges of the digitisation in the utilities sector. Several business cases, financial aspects and technological advancements in the industry will also be discussed. Besides, blockchain, regulators, cyber-security, grid and data experts will share their insights as well.
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E-commerce Live! Brings together riders, web shops, direct sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers and brands for a day out of trends, best tactics and innovations in the field of e-commerce.
Beurs van Berlage
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Hoe kun je data inzetten om jouw klanten over alle kanalen heen dezelfde persoonlijke ervaring te bieden? Ontdek het bij het Data Driven Commerce Event!