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Country Belgium

Contributing employees

BeCommerce BeCommerce
Carine Moitier
Founding Member of the Board & Director
Gert-Jan Struye
Business Development Manager & Regulatory Affairs
Patricia Ceysens

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Upcoming events organized by BeCommerce
According to Belgian Cowboys, Belgium is number 5 B2B ecommerce country with 47% penetration following the number 1 U.S. (64%), number 2 The Netherlands (52%), number 3 U.K. (50%) and number 4 Germany (47%). Because of this special position and a very deep market wish, BeCommerce will organize for the second time the BeCommerce B2B Summit on 25.04.2018. Several B2B ecommerce players will share their knowhow on stage and the latest strategies and tips will be discussed. A great opportunity to be present at this summit. We look forward to have you!
BeCommerce will present the Jury Award for the Best Starting Online Shop, the Best overall Webshop, the Best Start-up webshop, the Best Cross Border shop, the Best B2B webshop, the Best Cellular Online Shop, the Green Circular Award, the Best Omni-Channel Online Shop and the Best Innovative Business Partner from Belgium.

BeCommerce will also present the Public Award for the best webshop in the following categories: Cars & Accessories, Food & Drink, Consumer Electronics, Home-Garden & Animal, Clothing & Accessories, Shoes, Lingerie, Multimedia, Leisure, Travel, Financial Products, Telecom, Health & Beauty and Tickets.

A ticket for the BeCommere Awards gala evening costs € 295 excluding VAT.
Tervuren, Belgium
How to revolutionize the parcel delivery market? BeCommerce will zoom in on the the latest trends and updates.
The new generation of consumers is more and more heading towards mobile commerce and making purchases from their smartphones. Companies are always working on providing new developments to fulfil these consumer needs and to improve the purchasing experience.
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